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Upcoming Events at Brigits Garden

  • Apr 22 2017

Finding Inspiration from the Trees

Date: Apr 22, 2017 at 09:30 AM

Do you wish to bring more clarity into your life?

Working with the wonderful trees at Brigit's Garden we will focus on bringing intent and clarity to our lives.

Come to Brigits Garden on Saturday 22nd April from 9.30a.m. until 5p.m. and join a special Celtic Tree workshop with spiritual writer and guide Jackie Queally.

This workshop is experiential and looks at the potential for growth offered by our native trees.

We will start the day tuning into the land and the trees around us, paying special attention to the trees "in season". Weaving sound healing, dowsing and Gaia Touch we will draw closer to the trees, and then experience a personal journey. We conclude with a small ritual at the Fountain of Intent.

* Discover your essential tree.
* Interact with trees using sound healing
* Dowse the energy patterns of trees.
* Communicate with the trees using Gaia Touch yoga exercises.
* Enjoy seasonal tree meditations to help you focus your intention.
* Explore the trees
* Create your own Intention at the Fountain of Intent
* leave with a sense of gratitude for nature, peace and clarity


Jackie is the author of eleven books including her latest Reconnecting with Celtic Trees. She has led tree workshops in Nova Scotia Canada and London and lives in the Burren. In her work as a freelance guide and leader of Celtic festival walks she teaches how to work with trees to inspire you to greater awareness. A practitioner of sound healing and Ogham tree essences, her intention is to inspire people to gain spiritual insights into their lives.

Call Jackie on  083 4117498 to book.              



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