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Upcoming Events at Brigit's Garden

  • May 19 2019

Learning the Language of Astrology with Siobhán Purcell

Date: May 19, 2019 at 10:00 PM

At this workshop Astrologer Siobhán Purcell simplifies this ancient system of studying the planets so that you leave with a basic understanding of astrology, the natal chart and how the planets are interwoven with your life and the collective unconscious.

In addition, Siobhán will talk about the nodes of the moon – your future direction and your past. Example charts of famous people and those participants willing to share, will be used on the day for comparisons and discussion.

The workshop will be interactive and includes group exercises and meditations on some of the planets to help you understand yourself better, transmitted light language to facilitate the process, exploration of two of the personal planets, Jupiter and Saturn and one of the outer planets.

For example, Jupiter expands everything it touches and is potential of happiness, personal growth and abundance. Saturn relates to limitation, fear and restriction – those parts of life that often flow less well for our greatest learning.  

There will be some opportunity to explore and discuss individual life direction, life challenges and repeating cycles and how to move through them.

Please send your birth details to by 15th April 2019 so she can share her insights with you on the day.

When: May 19th from 10am - 5pm.

Cost: €80

Book: Call Siobhán on +447827 994372 or email:


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