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Brigit's Garden is located in Roscahill at the gateway to Connemara

Feb 24, 2014

Join the Board of Trustees!


Invitation to join the Board of Trustees of Brigit's Garden

Brigit's Garden is a registered charity that attracts about 20,000 visitors every year. It has a full time Director, employs 14 people, some part-time and some seasonal, and has a committed group of volunteers who help out on a regular basis. The Trustees of Brigit's Garden are seeking to expand the Board. We would like to invite applications from friends and supporters who wish to play an active role in supporting the strategic development of the project.

Join us on the Board of Trustees!Why do we need new Trustees?

Brigit's Garden is run by a Board of Trustees, which works closely with the Director. The model for the Board in the initial phase of the project was that of a small group of Trustees who worked closely with the project in a supportive role. The Trustees and the Director recognise that an expanded Board and additional expertise would strengthen the governance of Brigit's Garden in the future.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for motivated people who would like to play a part in this exciting new phase for Brigit's Garden. If you have expertise in the areas of business development, marketing and public relations, or fund-raising and funding applications, we would be particularly interested in hearing from you. Some experience of working with not-for-profit organisations would also be useful.

Why get involved?

'Being a Trustee and part of the support team at Brigit's Garden is an enriching experience - it's such a creative, visionary project that gives endless pleasure to so many people and is a fantastic resource for the local area and the wider Galway community, as well as contributing hugely to tourism in the West. I'm excited about seeing the project move into a new phase and I look forward to welcoming new Trustees on to the Board.'

What's the commitment?

The Trustees take an active interest in the project and attend meetings every 6-8 weeks, usually in Brigit's Garden. There is some contribution to travel expense to the meetings.

What's the next step?

If you would like to become a Trustee we invite you to download the application form here and email it to Colin Brown at If you have any queries or would like further information please email us and we will get back to you.

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