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Brigit's Garden is located in Roscahill at the gateway to Connemara

Jul 30, 2014

Dear Friends 10 years

Jenny BealeDear Friends,

It's 17 years since I woke up one day with the idea for Brigit's Garden, and 10 years since we opened our doors to the public. It's been an extraordinary journey, from driving all over the West looking for a suitable piece of land to walking through the maturing Gardens and fabulous Centre we have today and thinking, 'Well, we did it!'

When I look back at my notes it's rewarding to see how closely the Gardens reflect the original vision. 'A garden of intense beauty, of tranquillity ...a garden for celebration, ceremony, healing ... cycles and spirals ... art works, modern megaliths, alignments and pathways ...a garden that draws on deep wisdom...' It was an important part of the vision that Brigit's Garden would be a place for everyone, that it would never become over-precious or too overtly spiritual so it is wonderful to see such a wide variety of people visiting, and especially to see so many young people delighting in the magic of nature.

I am hugely grateful to everyone who has helped along the way – our long-standing Trustees and friends, volunteers from all walks of life, our dedicated staff, the friendly local community, and every family and individual who has visited and enjoyed the special atmosphere of Brigit's Garden.
Now we move forward into the next decade. If you have memories of the first ten years or ideas for the next stage, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

Wishing you a happy and creative summer,

Jenny Beale

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