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Jun 30, 2017

Education Team Profile: Laura Kennedy

What does your job at Brigit's Garden entail?

I facilitate environmental and development education workshops with primary and secondary school students. I could be hunting for bugs or planting seeds with primary school students or helping 'refugees' cross a river on their journey as part of a development education workshop with secondary students, all of which takes place outdoors in the wonderful grounds of Brigit's Garden.

Describe a typical day on the survival skills camp?

A typical day on the survival skills camp would involve setting up base camp each morning, camouflaging ourselves and searching for signs of wildlife by tracking animals through the woodlands, building shelters and lighting a fire, with lots of nature-based games and challenges to help us build relationships with each other and with the natural environment.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

My favourite thing is getting to be outdoors exploring all that Brigit's Garden has to offer, from meadow to woodland, Celtic garden to fairy village, and most importantly that I get to share it all with so many children who open my eyes to new wonders each day.

Can you name 5 uses for a stick?

1) Make a journey stick.

2) Place a stick in a tin with some holes and put on the campfire to make charcoal.

3) Whittle a stick into a butter knife.

4) Use a stick to paint with mud.

5) Attach a stick to the end of a rope swing to create a seat.

How lucky are you and why?

I am incredibly lucky because I make my living out of how I love to live my life: outdoors, immersed in nature and in the good company of children who are eager to explore it all with me.


Laura will be running the Survival Skills Summer Camp at Brigit's Garden. To book please phone 091 550905 or email


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