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Brigit's Garden is located in Roscahill at the gateway to Connemara

Dec 12, 2019

What is the Winter Solstice?

This year, 2019, the Winter Solstice falls on 22nd December and marks the shortest day of the year. Solstice means ‘sun-stop’, and for three days around the solstice the sun appears to rise and set at the same point, moving in a low arc through the sky and casting the longest shadow of the year on our Calendar Sundial. After the solstice, the days gradually begin to lengthen again as the sun moves slightly higher in the sky each day.

We know that the Winter Solstprovided by World Heritage Irelandice was an important time for the ancient people of Ireland because the stunning passageway at Newgrange is beautifully aligned to winter solstice sunrise, flooding the inner recesses of the tomb with golden light for about twenty minutes on three days only.

It is possible that Christmas was celebrated a few days after the Solstice as the return of the sun symbolised the birth of Jesus, bringing new light into the world.

Symbolically, the Winter Solstice is a time to let go of unwanted thoughts, habits or emotions, making way for new beginnings as we look forward to spring.

Winter Solstice Celebration

You are invited to Brigit's Garden to celebrate this special turning point of the year with an evening of seasonal ritual, candle-lighting, meditation and positive intentions for the coming year.

This special evening will be facilitated by Moya Roddy. Please feel free to bring a poem or song if you wish to the celebration.

There will be Christmas refreshments and social time after the celebration. Tickets are €15 each.

This event involves meditation and is most suitable for an adult audience.

Newgrange image kindly provided by World Heritage Ireland.

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