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Feb 26, 2018

A Herbal House Blessing

It has been a long winter and your home has held you well.

Now, as the days warm, you are inclined to open the windows wider and invite in the freshness of renewal. Now is the time to clear away and make room for what will grow in your own life this season. Spring is the perfect time to cleanse your personal space to eliminate old energies and make way for the fresh and the new, to give love and intention to your beloved house and home. 

Weave through this ritual, engaging the Elements of Air, Fire, Water and Earth, to invite peace and abundance into your homes, with Brigit, Irish goddess and saint, as your guide.  

To Save, To Shield, To Surround
Your House, Your Home, Your Household
This day, this sacred day and each sacred day.


AIR: Blend your own loose-leaf incense or use a smudge stick, ideally of mugwort which is our indigenous Native European sacred smudge. If you have a garden you could create your own smudge stick or incense of lavender and thyme which still have aromatic stems, even this time of the year. Both lavender and thyme smell divine when burned and have cleansing and disinfectant properties.

As a side note, keep in mind that as we have appropriated other traditions we are over-using white sage and palo santo and both are becoming endangered. Use what you have or what is available to you, with intention and, as you can, shift your practices to honour our own indigenous traditions.

Recite the following House Blessing as you take the incense/ smudge to each room of your home, beginning in the East and moving in a sun-wise direction (east, south, west, north):

May Brigit bless the house wherein you I (we) dwell;
Bless every fireside,
Bless every wall and door;
Bless every heart
That beats beneath its roof;
Bless every hand
That toils to bring it joy’
Bless every foot
That walks its portals through-
May Brigit bless the house that shelters me (us).

FIRE: Light a new white candle or a tea light and allow the flame of warmth and light to cleanse the space with all of the blessings of fire including transformation, courage, strength and warmth.

Take the candle to each room reciting, we kindle the light of Brigit’s protection, and adding your own words as you would like.

Place the candle in a safe place and allow it to burn, preferably overnight or in the case of a tea light until it burns itself out.

WATER: Add 10 drops of basil essential oil (for protection and good fortune) to 1 ounce of purified water or use holy water or water from your tap, blessed by you.  With a sprig of herb (rosemary/ lavender/ a rose are lovely options) or your own hand, sprinkle each room of your home with this herbal water as you recite or chant:

Deep Peace of the running wave
Deep Peace of the flowing air
Deep Peace of the quiet earth
Moon and Stars pour their healing light
Deep Peace, Deep Peace

EARTH: Select a new houseplant and nurture it as it nurtures you with clean, fresh air in your space. Leave an offering to the nature spirits, fairies or the Divine who protect your space. Fairies especially love whiskey, honey, butter and chocolate. They will very much appreciate an earthy treat.

By Tonja Reichley, Herbalist, BSc, MBA

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