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Mar 1, 2018

Irish Language Workshop Facilitator Required

Cúntóir do pháistí ag teastáil uainn.

Would you like to work with children at Brigit’s Garden?
Ar mhaith leat obair le páistí i nGairdín Bhríde?

Brigit’s Garden is looking for facilitators to work through both the Irish and English language as part of our experienced and enthusiastic Education Team. Brigit’s Garden offers a range of high-quality, inspirational and educational workshops for all ages. This role would involve working mainly with primary school students but may also include working with secondary schools and summer camps.

See the schools section of our website for more information on our workshops.

Potential candidates must have experience working with children, enjoy the outdoors and have knowledge about environmental issues. You should be competent in the Irish language and enjoy working as part of a team.

Please send a brief CV with referees outlining previous work with children and in the outdoors to

Imbolc (spring) garden


  • Apple (15)
  • Pear (3)
  • Plum (3)
  • Cherry (2)
  • Cob nuts (2)
  • Sunken garden, surrounding Three Faces of Brigit (1)
  • Pair of round stone pillars (1)

Bealtaine (summer) garden

  • Granite standing stones making processional way (7)
  • Pair of round stone pillars (1)
  • Trees: yellow ash  (1)
  • Aspen  (1)
  • Norway maple (1)
  • Liquidamber (1)
  • Lilac (3)
  • Copper hazel (1)
  • Crab apple (2)
  • Native rowan (3)
  • Hawthorn (3)
  • Spindle (1)
  • Arbutus (strawberry tree)  (1)
  • Holly  (3)



Lughnasa (autumn) Garden

  • Granite standing stones making interlocking circles (19)
  • Oak benches (2)
  • Mounds representing Orion: large mounds (7)
  • Groups of smaller mounds (3)
  • Trees: pear (3)
  • Pair of round stone pillars (1)

Samhain (winter) garden

  • Trees: silver birch, surrounding pool (24)

Outside Gardens

  • Oak trees in a circle (4)

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