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Brigit's Garden is located in Roscahill at the gateway to Connemara

Oct 11, 2019

Terri Mitchell Kelly - 2019 Artist in Residency

Terri is a multidisciplinary artist who works in a diverse range of mediums including drawing and mixed media. While her work has always been inspired by observing the natural environment, recent work has seen her collaborate more closely with natural materials and nature itself. These developments in her practice have been influenced by her training in Art Therapy and the research she has done into the therapeutic benefits of using natural materials.

“In a world that is constantly changing through increased technology and mass consumerism I am questioning my own connection to the land and what I feel is mankind’s ever growing disconnection from this earth which sustains us.

I work in response to different environments outdoors, working intuitively to create site specific art pieces using natural elements. These are documented through photography and video before been taken apart and the landscape returned to its original condition. This way of working allows me to create art that explores my own relationship with nature and helps me in questioning how I perceive myself; both as an individual and in society”. 

Terri Mitchell - 085 1542092 -

Untitled Land Art Piece

Title:  Untitled Land Art Piece

Medium:  Moss, sticks & water

Location:  Mayo 

Date:  5/12/2018

Paper Cut

Large Scale Paper Cut

Title: Untitled

Medium: Paper & glue

Location: The Shed, Galway Habour, Galway

Date: July 30th – Augest 18th 2013


Protected Species

Title:  Protected Species

Medium:  Thorns, eggs & nest

Location:  Mayo 

Date:  21/06/2018



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