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Brigit‘s Garden is regarded as one of the most picturesque gardens of Ireland. The unique Celtic Gardens take you on a magical journey into the heart of Celtic heritage and mythology, making it one of the truly outstanding family-friendly places to visit in the West of Ireland.  Set within 11 acres of native woodland & wildflower meadows, visitors can enjoy the sun trail, an ancient ring fort (fairy fort), kids’ nature trail, thatched roundhouse and crannóg, and the calendar sundial, the largest in Ireland.

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Brigits Day 2024

Celebrating Brigit, goddess and saint

Last Sunday, 28th January, we gathered in the Roundhouse for a beautiful day-long celebration of Brigit stories and rituals. So much of the tradition still resonates today. There is the…
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samhain to solstice

Samhain to Solstice

As planet Earth spins on its orbit and our northern lands point away from the sun, we experience longer nights and shorter days. We can see that the sun is…
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