2 Go Cup Deposit and Return Scheme

2 Go Cup

2 Go Cup Deposit and Return Scheme

Brigit’s Garden with kind support from Galway County Council are proud to take part in the 2 Go Cup Deposit and Return Scheme.

Customers now have the option to get their take-away coffee or tea in a reusable cup rather than a single use paper cup.

Why get involved?

Half a million cups are used EVERY week in Ireland (for an average of) 13 minutes and it takes 30 years for one to decompose.

Compostable cups are only compostable when you…

  1. Wash and clean them when you’re finished.
  2. Let them dry.
  3. Then place them in a compostable-only bin.

Unfortunately, most single-use cups are thrown into the bin and sent to landfills for incineration.

When your single-use coffee cup ends up in landfill, the rotting rubbish in the ground generates high levels of methane gas and CO2 releasing greenhouse gases.

By making changes in your coffee-consuming habits and by using a Deposit and Return Scheme, we can make that ½ million go down to none!

I’m a customer – what do I do?

Think of it like your shopping trolley at the supermarket!

Order your hot drink at the till. The waitresses will add a deposit of €2. Enjoy your coffee!

Return the coffee cup and receive your €2 back.

Alternatively, hang on to the cup and next time you are in, hand in the cup and get a fresh cup with your new order.

We really appreciate your support in operating Brigit’s Garden in as sustainable manner as possible, minimising our carbon footprint, waste and plastic use.


Other cafes in Galway participating

The good news is that there are many cafes in Galway taking part and you can use your cup in any of these amazing environmentally-conscious outlets.

Replenish (Moycullen) https://www.replenish.ie/

Roscoes Cafe, Eglington Street  https://www.facebook.com/caferoscoes/

Anton’s, Fr. Griffin Road http://www.antonscafe.com/

Greens & Co, Henry Street https://greensofgalway.com/

Mocha Beans, Salthill https://mochabeans.com/

Mocha Beans, Cross Street https://mochabeans.com/

Mocha Beans, Newcastle Road https://mochabeans.com/

The Creamery, Salthill https://www.thecreamery.ie/

Rouge, Dominic Street https://rougegalway.com/restaurant/

Ces’t la Vie, Terryland http://www.cestlaviegalway.com/

Fat Tony’s, Liosbáin https://fattonyslifestyle.com/pages/the-cafe

The Secret Garden, William st., https://www.secretgardengalway.com/

Poppy Seed at Galway Crystal, Renmore https://poppyseed.ie/

N.U.I.G, University Rd., https://www.universityofgalway.ie/

Gran Grans, Kilcolgan https://grangransfoods.ie/


Or check out the map for cafes all over Ireland https://www.2gocup.ie/2gocup-map/