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What Our Visitors Say

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What Our Visitors Say

Lughnasa Gardeb

Lughnasa Traditions

Lughnasa is the traditional festival at the beginning of August that marks the transition from summer to harvest, as the vibrant green hues of June and July begin to give…
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July Herb of the Month: Meadowsweet

The vanilla-almond scent of meadowsweet fills the air this month and her creamy white, frothy flowers polka-dot fields and hedgerows. Known also as Queen of the Meadow, she is a…
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Daisy – Nóinín

Do you recall sitting in the grass as a child making a Slabhra Sí (Fairy Chain) from these beautiful little flowers? Maybe you pulled each petal off and recited “he…
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Apple Blossom

Did you know that apples and roses come from the same family? Perhaps not surprising when you see the beautiful, spirit-lifting flower- the apple blossom- that appears on the apple…
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Cowslips – Bainne bó bleachtáin

Looking across the Imbolc Garden this beautiful May morning, here in Brigit’s Garden, Galway, we are lucky to have a hundreds of Cowslips growing. This is a native Irish flower…
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