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The power of Nature and the steps we can all take to lessen our environmental impact

Nature's Power

Small steps we can all take to help the environment

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing us in the 21st century. The Nature's Power project is the start of a more sustainable era at Brigit's Garden, in which we are reducing our carbon footprint and introducing new features to educate and inspire visitors about green energy and sustainable living. We've added a Sustainability Zone, Eco-playhouses and an interactive Sun Trail designed to appeal to both young and old.

Sustainabilty Zone

See renewable energies in action that are climate-friendly and save money:
• The solar PV panels generate electricity from sunlight, feed the electricity directly into the Visitor Centre and reduce our electricity bills.
• A wood pellet boiler replaces an LPG gas boiler and provides all our hot water and space heating, using renewable fuel while reducing costs.
• Walk through the polytunnel to see how to grow your own food naturally and without chemicals, using composting, companion planting, and healthy growing practices.

Interactive Sun Trail

Sun Trail Logo

The new interactive Sun Trail incorporates the previous nature trail, the sun features for the solstices and equinoxes, and new interactive installations funded by the Nature's Power project. Use your own energy to power the water pump in the fountain, see wind power at work, and light up the lochán using hydro power.


Come and play in our two new playhouses, one insulated and one not, and try the fun activities to learn about the power of the sun. Children can also climb the play structures, run through the willow play area, and whiz down the slide into our new bigger sandpit..


Schools Programmes

Exciting, interactive Nature's Power programmes for 3rd-6th class primary school students and for Transition Year students are now available. 

Click on the pdfs below to see some of the activities from the Nature's Power programme, some of which you might like to adapt for the classroom.

Solar Circuits Hand Crank GeneratorSolar PV Mirror WalkSources of Carbon

For further information about sustainability/renewable energy, and for follow up energy activities in the classroom, check out the links below:

There are big and small steps we can all take to help reverse climate change and look after our precious natural environment. With the Nature's Power project Brigit's Garden aims to be on the forefront of sustainability education. Our grateful thanks to our funding agencies
Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) and Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and project partners NUI, Galway and Tipperary Energy Agency.


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