Brigit’s Herbs

Brigit was a herbalist and used wild herbs to nourish and heal body and spirit.  Many of her plants grow in our gardens, hedgerows and meadows, providing wild and free…
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Brigit Traditions for Imbolc

Light grows and the wind blows just a little warmer at the old Celtic festival of Imbolc, which marks the seasonal shift from winter to spring. Imbolc is celebrated on 1st February…
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Samhain Winter Solstice Brigit's Garden

What is the Winter Solstice?

Tuesday, 21st December 2021 marks the shortest day of the year – the Winter Solstice. Solstice means ‘sun-stop’, and for three days around the solstice the sun appears to rise…
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Vacancy for an Education Coordinator

Brigit’s Garden are seeking an Education Coordinator. Closing date for applications is 5th November 2021. This is an exciting opportunity for an exceptional person who can take our education programmes…
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Brigit's Day Celebrations

Why Brigit?

The name Brigit means ‘Exalted One’. The name refers both to St Brigit, the powerful 6th century abbess of Kildare, and the pre-Christian Brigit, goddess for many Celtic peoples across…
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The Seasonal Turning into Lughnasa

To our Native European ancestors and specifically in Ireland, Lughnasa marks a time of community-gathering, competitions, and trading.  Lughnasa includes the months of August, September and October, and begins at…
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Sowing Annual Wildflowers

Our vibrant annual wildflowers get a lot of attention, so why not create the same display at home? This one minute video with our gardener Mary O’Connell will show you…
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Simple 15 Minute Meditation

However difficult the situation, there are always positives and it is wonderful to see all the good things happening at the moment. We will continue to do what little we…
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