Nature Adventures

(Infants to 6th Class)
Our seasonal workshops build the students’ awareness of and connection to nature through highly engaging and interactive discovery-based learning. Our experienced education guides lead the activities, and our Celtic Gardens and natural habitats offer an ideal environment for active outdoor learning. All programmes are related to the SESE curriculum.

We also have excellent indoor facilities for student lunches, with complimentary tea/coffee and biscuits for teachers. Start times can be flexible to suit the school.

Programmes are all-weather, with a range of indoor options and covered areas for wet weather. However, participants are advised to dress appropriately for the changeable Irish weather.

You may avail of this workshop through Irish (subject to staff availability). Tá an clár seo le fáil trí Gaeilge freisin.

Spring Adventures

Discover signs of spring in the Gardens and woodlands in this interactive, exploratory workshop. Seasonal activities include seed sowing in the polytunnel and understanding about how plants grow. Learn about the stories of St Brigit, her special cross and her magic cloak, and finish with a parade led by ‘St Brigit’.

Summer Adventures

Our most popular summer school tour, getting hands-on with nature in the Celtic Gardens and natural habitats. Interactive activities include pond-dipping and mini-beast investigations at the lochán, games and sensory activities in the woodlands, making ‘smelly potions’ in the herb gardens and much more. For up to 3rd class, the programme finishes with a parade through the Celtic Gardens with drums and shakers.

Autumn Adventures

Experience the turning of the season as autumn brings fruits, nuts, berries and leaves of red and gold. This interactive workshop offers many autumn activities: a scavenger hunt in the woodlands that enables discovery and exploration by the students, making arts and crafts with gathered natural materials, and learning about the Celtic traditions around Samhain/Halloween. It finishes with a Samhain parade through the Celtic Gardens.

3hr workshop: €11.00 per student
Energy in Action

Nature's Power: Energy in Action

3rd to 6th Class

An exciting, innovative workshop for 3rd to 6th Class. What is energy and how do we use it? What is renewable energy and why is it important? How can we reduce our energy use? Explore all these questions and more with this interactive, hands-on programme, led by experienced education guides.

Students can investigate solar, hydro and wind technologies on site and generate their own energy. Activities and games explore energy concepts from food chains to energy use and insulation, and help build awareness about energy use and how to reduce it. Students leave with greater understanding of all these issues and with ideas to take back to school and their families. The workshop links with several strands of the SESE curriculum.

Programmes are all-weather, with a range of indoor facilities and covered areas for wet weather. However, participants are advised to dress appropriately for the changeable Irish weather.

3hr workshop: €11.00 per student

SEAI In-school Energy Workshops

Take part in one of our free student workshops and explore the topic of energy and sustainability in a fun and engaging way. One of our experienced facilitators will visit your school and deliver the workshop.

Kindly sponsored by Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland (SEAI).

Junior Workshop
  • This workshop is suitable for Senior Infants and 1st Class.
  • Guzzler the puppet can visit your school to help the children learn about energy.
  • Through a series of games and activities they learn where our energy comes from, why and how we save energy.
Senior Workshop
  • The senior primary workshop is aimed at pupils from 3rd to 6th class.
  • The workshop is very interactive and involves classroom games, online quizzes and experiments.
  • The workshop covers several strands of the science curriculum such as energy and forces and environmental awareness and care.
SEAI Workshops for Primary Schools. Meet Guzzler.

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