Butterfly & Bee Wildflower Mix

Butterfly & Bee Wildflower Mix




Native wildflower mix to attract butterflies and bees. Perennial and Annual Species.

When to sow: Between March and late May or mid-August to mid-October are the optimal times for sowing. Keep an eye on the weather, as soil temperatures should be 6 – 10 degrees Celsius at the time of sowing and for two weeks post sowing.

Sowing rate: 1.5-3g/per square meter

Coverage: 2-4 square meters

Flowering Period

Annual species sown in spring will bloom 8-10 weeks after sowing. Annuals sown in autumn will bloom the following summer. Perennial species begin to flower the second year after sowing, if managed correctly, these flowers will return year after.

Ground Preparation

Prepare pots or a bare seedbed in advance of sowing, free of weeds and grass so the wildflowers don’t have to compete with the other plants. This step is essential to establish wildflowers successfully.

Watch our useful video on how to sow wildflowers


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