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Have fun discovering the wonders of nature.

Kids' Earth Quest Trail

Engage the children and have lots of fun on the kids' Earth Quest trail. Working as a team, you will navigate the Garden and solve science-based challenges on your quest. There are several science-based installations around the Garden including a water engineering play area*, a pedal-power generator, a  geodesic camera obscura and a weather station to reveal a few. Families must discover, observe and identify things as they explore Brigit’s Garden, recording their findings on our special “Earth Quest” guide. Children can collect a free Earth Quest guide at Reception. Suitable for children with an accompanying adult.

*waterproofs would be a good idea!

The trail was brilliant. Both our 3 year old and 11 year old loved it, it kept everyone engaged.


Fantastic, it's great to be out learning in nature.


It was amazing, we loved the dome, looking for leaves and playing with the water canals.

Natural Playground

Climb up on the 'whale' and slide down, climb the Da Vinci Bridge, run through the willow tunnels, swing on the rope ladders and create a castle in the sand-pit... There's plenty of natural fun to be had in the Playground, and in the rest of Brigit's Garden too. Don't miss the basket swings, stepping logs, see-saw, sitting on the bog-wood throne, exploring the fairy fort, following the secret trail through the woodland, fishing for bugs in the pond and discovering the whispering pipes in the stone chamber!

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