Grief Tending Ritual

Join Niall Graham on Sunday 27th November, 4 – 8pm at Brigit’s Garden for a Grief Tending Ritual. During the ritual, space will be made for sadness and grief at what is happening to the planet utilising the established methodology of Buddhist scholar and ecological activist and spokesperson Joanna Macy’s in the form of a Truth Mandala.
The evening is designed to give space to and connect with sorrow, and also love for this beautiful planet that we inhabit. Your attention is all that is needed, and you may participate as much or as little as you feel in the moment.
Coming together on behalf of our planet is powerful work, you are needed. Tickets are from €25 available through Niall’s website.

Why a Grief Tending Ritual? 

In indigenous cultures, grief was always expressed and shared in community and ritual. Our burdens are not solely our own to carry, they belong to the collective as much as to the individual. Together, when we acknowledge and express our challenges, our woes, our sorrows, the power of sharing and witnessing can alchemise these realities, creating space for the new to enter.

The space will be held by trained facilitators in the work.

Niall Graham – Facilitator/Mentor

Niall has been providing spaces to be with grief for a number of years having trained in grief rituals through the lineage of Malidoma and Subonfu Some of the Dagara Tribe, West Africa. He is also a mens work facilitator based in Galway.

Jenny O’ Hare – Deep Ecologist/Facilitator

Jenny is a facilitator of Eco-therapy and Deep Ecology, and has trained in the Work that Reconnects. Hosting Grief Rituals both publicly and privately throughout the course of the unfolding environmental crises, she has seen time and again the power of these spaces, and how much they restore us to our humanity, and to the world.

We will be hosted by Jenny Beale, founder of Brigit’s Garden, who has devoted her life to our relationship with nature.

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12:00 am

Brigits Garden