About Us

Brigit’s Garden is a not-for-profit organisation and a registered charity in Ireland, CHY 20053758. The project was set up by Jenny Beale out of her passion for nature and education:

We live in a world where many people’s lives are increasingly detached from the natural world. My dream for Brigit’s Garden was to create a place where people of all ages could connect with nature in beautiful surroundings and find inspiration, delight, tranquillity and learning as they do so.

Theming the Gardens on the Celtic festivals is a natural extension of this vision as the Celtic calendar and stories provide a rich source of symbolism in relation to nature. This symbolism still has a strong resonance in the 21st century, and I hope Brigit’s Garden will play its own small part in helping to re-connect humankind with nature.’

Brigit’s Garden is run by the Board of Trustees, in cooperation with the Operations Director and staff team. Our mission statement, values and aims are as follows:

Mission statement

To offer Brigit’s Garden as a place of connection with nature, beauty and Celtic heritage and as a resource for education, reflection and creativity.

Our Values

  • Ethical business practices
  • Respect, fairness and equality in all our dealings with staff, customers, volunteers, suppliers, other businesses and organisations, neighbours and community
  • Income is generated for the purpose of developing and sustaining the project
  • Good stewardship of the land.

Spirit of service

  • Creating space for people to connect with the place as they wish
  • Facilitating experiences of learning, reflection, participation and celebration
  • Honouring nature and Celtic heritage


  • High quality in everything we do

Our Aims

  1. To welcome visitors and provide them with a high quality experience and a high standard of service
  2. To offer education programmes linked to the themes of the gardens
  3. To develop Brigit’s Garden as a centre for environmental sustainability
  4. To provide opportunities for community involvement in the project

Current members of the Board of Trustees are: Máire Cris Ní Chionna (Chair), Marion MacNeela (Secretary) Colin Brown, Mary Halpin, Aoife McNena, Ingrid McElroy, Orla Jackson and Catríona Carlin.