Irish Garden Bird Survey

Irish Garden Bird Survey

Irish Garden Bird Survey

If you’ve been to Brigit’s Garden you will be aware of the friendly robin who lives beside the Café. He’ll be top of our list when it comes to the Irish Garden Bird Friendly robin photobombing our mincemeat sceneSurvey this year.

One summer’s day, he was spotted eating a sliver of beetroot off someone’s finger. On another occasion he photo-bombed an image we created for the Christmas mincemeat jars! And don’t ask how many times he’s flown into the office to say hello.

Lucky us, we also have a bird feeder hanging up right outside our office window and get to see all the different birds up close every day. This will make it easy for us to take record the garden birds this year.

Why survey Irish Garden Birds?

Its good to know our local garden birds. As the countryside changes, urban and suburban gardens are increasingly becoming an importance haven for so many different species.

According to BirdWatch Ireland “it is vital for us to know how their populations are faring. The Irish Garden Bird Survey does this not only by giving us a good idea of how our garden birds themselves are doing, but also an indication of how the environment is faring in general”.

How do I get involved?

So, November 28th marks the start of the Irish Garden Bird Survey 2022/23 by BirdWatch Ireland. Its very easy to take part and open to everyone. Just keep an eye on your garden over the winter and count the birds you see.

This is a fantastic “Citizen Science” project and last year over two thousand gardens took part! Grab your form at the Visitors Centre in Brigit’s Garden or if you’re not nearby, download the survey here.

I hear you. You don’t know your coal tit from your great tit? We’ve got you covered! Take a look at this handy visual to our local birds.

Bird identifier poster

Good luck!